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Saturday, April 28th

2-5 pm


Jennifer Brilliant Yoga

732 Carroll St.

Park Slope, Brooklyn


Thai Massage, or Nuad Bo-Rarn as it is known in Thailand, is an ancient holistic therapy with its roots in Buddhism, yoga, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Thai Massage sees illness as reflecting an imbalance in the body/mind/spirit, and seeks to re-establish harmony by an interactive manipulation of the body using passive stretching and gentle pressure along acupressure points and energy lines (called Sen lines). The effect is uniquely relaxing as well as energizing. Sessions are traditionally performed on a floor mat with the client comfortably dressed in loose clothing. Therapists and clients both feel the positive, meditative effects of the massage.

This class is a fun way to learn some Thai stretching and massage techniques that can easily be done on friends and family.


Who Should Attend:
No massage experience needed! This class is for couples, friends, parents and teenagers, yoga teachers/students, physical therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, and anyone else with an interest in learning and experiencing the gifts of Thai Yoga Massage.

Class Time is fun and interactive. After an explanation of the techniques and demonstration of the movements, students are led through the series.


What to Bring:
Work is done fully clothed, so wear loose, comfortable, modest clothing, long pants preferred (no short shorts or skirts or jeans); bring layers in case if you get cool or warm; have finger and toe nails trimmed short; bring clean socks; any cuts or wounds treated and covered, do not eat a heavy meal before class.



Early Bird Sign Up (before April 26th): $65 per person or $115 per couple

After April 27th: $75 per person or $130 per couple



Email Jennifer Brilliant to Sign Up


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