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There is a 5K run happening in the city tomorrow and the thing that caught my eye about this particular one, was the slogan the participants are wearing on their t-shirts: “I’m skipping the New Year’s Day hangover”.

It’s cleaver and funny, but the thing that stands out even more, is that these people are choosing how they want to feel in the new year rather than what they want to attain. It seems as though it’s a trend that is picking up momentum.

Each year, we make these passionate, determined, optimistic, and sometimes desperate pledges to change ourselves. We set our sights on a goal and then feel disappointed and lost if it isn’t met. We as a society place so much emphasis on external attainment and external achievement – get married, get a job, get money, get a mortgage, get, get, get, get, get, get, get. But how can we possibly meet a goal and feel successful when there is another goal just beyond that one or a higher measure of success or another thing to get? How many times have we told ourselves, “I’ll feel happy when I…” only to get into that school or land that job and then postpone your happiness ever longer until yet another milestone has been surpassed?

So, this t-shirt got me thinking – what if instead of focusing our New Year’s resolutions on what we want, why not focus instead on how we want to feel?

We all want to feel healthy, creative, bountiful and happy. We all want to feel important. We all want to feel loved. So when you focus on the feelings and sense of well-being you wish to experience rather than the external achievements and measures of success, you are tapping into a much larger and stronger force. You are merging your desires with those of your fellow humans, creating community and camaraderie with those around you.

So try this – pull out a journal or a piece of paper and write “I want to feel” and then let your desires be heard. Focus on how you want to feel in 2013 rather than what you want to attain and not only you will welcome a rapid shift in energy that will help you and others move towards creating and experiencing more feelings of joy and love, you’ll also have the support of all of the rest of us who want to feel that way too.

Best wishes for a heartfelt and passionate new year!

Peace, love, and good feelings –


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